Malvern Canine Hydrotherapy
Malvern Canine Hydrotherapy
Malvern Canine Hydrotherapy

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Malvern Canine Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy has many benefits and is very beneficial in the treatment of many complaints. The use of water enables the patient to exercise in a semi-weight bearing environment, this taking the majority of weight off stiff and painful joints. It enables the joints to move in a normal fashion, loosens tightness in the muscles and reduces pain.


For dogs following surgery, Hydrotherapy removes the weight load on the injured limb and will enable gradual building of wasted muscle. It reduces pain and speeds recovery.


Hydrotherapy is useful for dogs scheduled to have orthopaedic surgery, such as cruciate repair. It helps to improve muscle tone in the limbs, which will speed post-operative recovery.


Ageing dogs can benefit from controlled hydrotherapy exercise, as the soothing effect of the warm water improves circulation and encourages increased mobility in sore, stiff and arthritic joints. Hydrotherapy is also a great exercise for healthy dogs to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and general well being.

Conditions that benefit from hydrotherapy


  • Hip Dysplasia


  • Elbow dysplasia


  • Spinal Injuries and paralysis


  • Osteochrondritis Dissecans (OCD)


  • Cruciate ligament problems


  • Post operative muscle regeneration and maintenance


  • Sprains and Breaks


  • Relief of pain, swelling, arthritis and stiffness


  • Obesity and weight control


  • Improvement of circulation and joint mobility


  • Hydrotherapy for Fitness and muscle conditioning in  healthy dogs, such as agility,   racing and show.


  • Mental wellbeing and behavioural disorders


These are just a few so please

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Why Water?

Surface Tension

Adds resistance to specific muscle groups Improves balance of unsteady patients Allows patients greater reaction time Increases confidence


Hydrostatic Pressure

Increases metabolic rate and calorific burn, reduces heart rate and arterial pressure, reduces peripheral oedema, assists patient circulation



Reduces the load on painful joints Improves core stability Improves flexibility


Water Temperature

Relaxes muscles and aids comfort, increases circulation, relieves pain

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